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What is Limb Lengthening Surgery?

Limb Lengthening is a procedure to increase height which is done by using the body’s ability to regenerate new bone as well as soft tissues, blood vessels, ligaments and nerves that support it. This is achieved by surgical procedure called “Distraction Osteogenesis” and this is done with Ilizarov Fixator (a type of external fixator – one which lies outside body).

What is the Ilizarov Fixation?

The Ilizarov fixation procedure is a highly successful orthopedic surgical technique designed to increase height i.e. lengthen or straighten bone and soft tissue. The Ilizarov fixation procedure can sometimes save limbs that might otherwise be amputated. The Ilizarov fixation procedure can correct disfigured bones. The bone is carefully cut at the location that needs to be lengthened or straightened, and when the natural healing begins, the ends of the cut bone are very gradually pulled apart until the desired position or length is achieved. During this process, the new bone grows and the deformities are corrected because the body has the natural ability to heal. This process is called distraction osteogenesis.  Ilizarov fixation can be used for a variety of conditions:

  • Including Trauma
  • Limb lengthening
  • Pediatric hip disorders
  • Bowlegs
  • Knock-knees
  • Skeletal dysplasia. This is a type of birth defect which causes disturbances in bone growth resulting in crooked limbs.
  • Osteogenesis imperfecta. This genetic disorder makes bones brittle and more susceptible to fractures.
  • Infection involving the bone (osteomyelitis) and joint (septic arthritis)
  • Acute fractures, mal-unions, and non-unions conditions.

Ilizarov fixation also treats conditions like:

  • Congenital Hand Deformities
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What are the Structure and functions of an Ilizarov Apparatus?

An Ilizarov apparatus is an orthopedic device used to stimulate bone growth and is generally used to lengthen and straighten the extremities. The Ilizarov fixator stimulates new bone growth through neovascularization.

  • Ilizarov external fixator – The external device, called an external fixator, is a series of metal rings that encircle the exterior of the limb. The rings are connected by metal struts. Sturdy metal pins attach the rings to the bone.
  • Ilizarov internal fixator – It is an internal device and it is possible to use external fixator (Ilizarov fixator) with internal fixation implant (Rod/Plate) to reduce the duration a person has to wear external fixator. Internal fixation device (Rod/Plate) may lie inside bone for a very long time and it is removed only if it causes problem like pain / infection. In many cases internal fixation device stays for entire life without problem.
  • The Ilizarov apparatus consists of external fixators consisting of rods, rings, and Kirschner’s wires. It is cylindrical and encircles the limb using wires to connect the bone to the rings.
  • The apparatus functions by giving force to the top rings of the outer frame and bypassing the fracture site. It is then transferred back to the healthy bone through the tensioned wires and circular construction of the apparatus.
An infographic explaining ilizarov fixation procedure

What happens during Limb Lengthening Surgery?

Step 1 – The patient will get general anesthesia to sleep through the surgery without feeling any pain. The surgeon passes the wire through the skin and into the bone with the help of a drill. 

Step 2 – These wires are then fixed to the external rings with special ‘wire fixation’ bolts.

Step 3 – Thin threaded rods are used to connect and fix the rings to one another. Therefore the fixed Ilizarov device provides stability and supports the affected limb.

Step 4 – Following this, an osteotomy (cutting of the bone) is performed to stimulate the formation of new bone.

Step 5 – Sharp wire tips are cut and folded and the finalization of the assembly would be confirmed by x-ray.

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What happens after the Limb lengthening Surgery?

After surgery, most patients stay in the hospital for two to three days and inpatient rehabilitation begins the day after surgery. Initially, patients learn to walk with the aid of crutches and the patient would be taught how to get out of bed, move their joints and the use of stairs.

For about 6–8 weeks after surgery, you will need to follow the orthopedic care team’s instructions to get the best results:

  • You will be instructed and taught to turn the distraction rod on the external fixator 1/4 mm four times per day (one millimeter per day).
  • When the new bone is completely healed, as confirmed by X-rays, the fixations are removed and the patient may gradually start walking without crutches.

What are the Advantages of Limb Lengthening Surgery?

  • Low rates of infection, hemorrhage, and tissue trauma when compared to the traditional method as it is an incision-free technique.
  • The cylindrical shape of the apparatus enables correction of the deformities in 3-dimensions.
  • Fewer chances of contractures and joint stiffness problems.
  • Short-term hospitalization.

What are the Risks and Complications of Limb Lengthening Surgery?

  • Nerve and vessel injury is possible.
  • Decreases the risk of injury to vital structures of the body.

What is the Limb Lengthening Surgery Cost in India?

Limb Lengthening surgery cost in India is around 7500 USD to 10000 USD.

There are two options:

  1. Ilizarov surgery or limb lengthening surgery with external nail fixator.
    • Ilizarov surgery – 7500 USD (4 days in the hospital).
    • Stay in India after surgery – 45 days [ 20 USD per day (excluding food)]
    • The total length of stay in India is 2 months
    • Come back after 7 months to remove Ilizarov Fixator.
  2. Ilizarov surgery or limb lengthening surgery with internal nail fixator.
    • Ilizarov surgery with internal nail fixator – RS 10000 USD (4 days in the hospital)
    • Stay in India after surgery – 45 days [ 20 USD per day (excluding food)

**COST EXCLUDES: physiotherapy, food, transport, oral medicines to be taken after discharge from hospital, stay as paying guest, caretaker cost.

An infographic explaining in detail the cost of limb lengthening surgery in India

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Frequently Asked Questions:

The eligibility of Limb Lengthening Surgery will depend on the degree of the discrepancy, the age of the patient, and the underlying reason for the deformity.

The purpose of the Ilizarov fixator is to stimulate bone growth, and this works with the natural healing of the body by pulling apart the cut bones to stimulate new bone growth.

Approximately four to twelve months depending on your health, weight and other health factors.

If there is no splint, leave the bandage on for 24 to 48 hours. After that time, the bandage may be removed.

The success rate of Limb lengthening surgeries is about 95%.

After Surgery, you will gain a maximum height of 8 cm depending on the patient’s requirements.

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