Apo Pen, Apo Pump offers a new lease of life for Parkinson patients 

Apo Pen, Apo Pump offers a new lease of life for Parkinson’s patients    

A new treatment has been launched for Advanced therapy for Parkinson’s Disease in the form of Apomorphine injection and infusion in India. Tremors and abnormal walking should not be a bother to Parkinson’s patients. This Apomorphine treatment can rid the problem WITHIN 6 minutes of administering the injection and is a relief for thousands of Parkinson’s Disease sufferers.   

The Apo Pen and Apo Pump offer a better life for Parkinson’s patients. A patient who could NOT EVEN STAND or move limbs properly due to continuous tremors, got up and walked only after six minutes of administering the injection. NOT all patients require this treatment. This would apply to those who do not respond to oral medicines.   

Surgery in this case is very expensive and often results unfavourably, but this alternate therapy would ensure a better life for Parkinson’s patients. The Apomorphine therapy is alternate option for patients, as it transforms the patients’ health and impacts the overall quality of life.   

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Frequently Asked Questions:   

What is the cost for Apo dopamine injection for Parkinson’s disease?   

The Apo Pen, which resemble an insulin injection, costs around Rs 1,500 while Apo Pump would cost about Rs 40- 45,000. These and other medicines would be imported. The pump does not require to be implanted but can be fixed outside or kept in pocket.    

How effective is Apo dopamine injection for Parkinson’s disease?  

This will treat the symptoms and stop the disease from progressing. There is no complete cure in neurology. The patients can return to normal life and go back to work.  

Is Apo dopamine injection for Parkinson’s disease an established treatment?   

Parkinson Pen and Parkinson Pump treatment is a novel German technology and British medicine since last 20 years in London. 

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