Proton Beam Therapy for Prostate Cancer

What is Proton Beam Therapy for Prostate Cancer?  

Proton Beam Therapy for Prostate Cancer is a non-invasive external radiation treatment that targets and destroys cancer cells with precision, minimizing damage to surrounding tissues 

        • Proton therapy can accurately target prostate tumors, while sparing the surrounding healthy tissues and organs. 
        • Proton therapy can be used as primary treatment for prostate cancer.  
        • Proton Beam Therapy is suitable for tumors that need higher radiation doses. 
        • Proton therapy is usually painless.  
        • Although Proton Beam Therapy is a safe and effective treatment for prostate cancer, it is expensive.  

What are the Benefits of Proton Beam Therapy? 

      • Reduced Risk of Complications 
      • Less pain 
      • Surrounding healthy tissues and organs are spared 
      • Shorter hospital stays 

Proton Beam Therapy Versus Photon Radiation Versus Radical Prostatectomy for Prostate Cancer: 

Proton Beam Therapy for Prostate Cancer Photon Radiation for Prostate Cancer Radical Prostatectomy for Prostate Cancer
Proton Beam Therapy uses protons which are a type of subatomic particle. Proton therapy accurately targets the tumor, limiting exposure to the surrounding organs and tissues.
Photon Radiation uses X-rays to kill cancer cells. But it can also damage nearby cells, including healthy cells.
Radical prostatectomy involves the complete removal of the prostate gland and some surrounding tissues, which can significantly impact urinary control.
Proton Beam Therapy causes less damage to surrounding organs and tissues and lowers the risk of future cancers in radiated areas.
This causes a wide range of side effects and increases the long-term risk of developing other types of cancer.
This procedure has a higher incidence of long-term urinary incontinence compared to non-surgical treatments.
Proton Beam Therapy reduces the risk of complications like urinary and erectile dysfunction which is usually associated with radiation therapy.

Studies show that Proton Beam Therapy does not affect testosterone levels, but Photon Radiation treatments can lower testosterone.
Photon Radiation damages healthy tissues and organs near the prostate, including the Bowel, Bladder, Penile bulb, Testicles, Rectum, Urethra, Bones in the pelvis and the hip joint.
While effective in treating prostate cancer, the invasiveness of this surgery contributes to a higher risk of urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and other complications.
Proton Beam Therapy is more expensive than Photon Radiation therapy and is available only in specialized proton therapy centers.
Photon Radiation therapy is cheaper compared to Proton Beam Therapy and is easily available in many medical centers.
Radical prostatectomy is cheaper compared to Proton Beam Therapy and is easily performed in many medical centers.

*Overall, for men seeking to minimize the risk of urinary incontinence, Proton Beam Therapy presents a promising option. However, individual treatment plans should be discussed thoroughly with healthcare providers to consider all potential benefits and risks specific to the patient’s condition and overall health. 

What types of Prostate Cancer can be treated with Proton Beam Therapy? 

The types of prostate cancer treated by Proton Beam Therapy include: 

      • Early-stage prostate cancer 
      • Mid-stage prostate cancer 
      • Late-stage (locally advanced) prostate cancer 
      • Prostate cancer that has spread to the adjacent organs or tissues 
      • Prostate cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes  
      • Prostate cancer that returned after surgical removal   

What happens during Proton Therapy for Prostate Cancer Treatment? 

The oncology team plans the exact dose, treatment duration and position of the proton beam. The Proton Beam Therapy only treats you for a few minutes, but preparation and positioning take longer. 

Step 1 – The team will adjust you and the instruments to make sure the proton beam will reach the exact spot of the tumor.  

Step 2 – The machine maps the tumor’s location then the protons target it. 

Step 3 – The duration of the Proton therapy varies depending on the stage of the prostate cancer. Each treatment lasts about 20 minutes. 

Step 4 – You will not be under anesthesia and there are no immediate effects from the treatment, so you can drive after the treatment.  

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What are the Side Effects of Proton Beam Therapy for Prostate Cancer? 

Many patients experience less side effects from proton therapy for prostate cancer than from radiation. They include:  

      • Bladder irritation 
      • Fatigue 
      • Skin irritation at the radiation beam point.  

There are other side effects that can occur after proton therapy but may not show up right away. They include,  

      • Erectile dysfunction 
      • Rectal bleeding 
      • Scarring of the urethra, which is a small tube that carries urine from the bladder to the penis.  

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