FAQ’s for Cancer Treatment in Tata Memorial Hospital

Frequently Asked Questions for Cancer Treatment:

For decades patients from Bangladesh have been coming to India for medical treatment. Even as medical facilities and infrastructure in their own country have undergone rapid changes, many still prefer India for serious or life-threatening ailments. Some of the Indian hospitals have a very strong brand presence in Bangladesh. E.g. Narayana Health led by Dr.Devi Shetty is the most preferred destination for Cardiac patients, Gleneagles is known for their Organ transplant capabilities, Apollo Hospital in Chennai and CMC Hospital in Vellore for multi-specialty treatments. Tata Memorial Hospital is the most preferred destination amongst fellow Asians for Oncology Treatment.

Private hospitals have stepped up their organizational structure in such a manner that international patients have got assistance to reach them. But unfortunately, non-private hospitals like CMC and Tata Memorial Hospital have not reached out to provide special services to International patients. That is why when a Bangladeshi national or Sri Lankan National tries to avail facilities in Tata Memorial, they have to navigate through a maze of uncertainty.

Treatment possible has started a new division to assist Bangladeshi and other international patients to receive medical attention in Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital. So let’s start by solving doubts or questions that one faces when they seek treatment in Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, Mumbai, India.

1) How can a Bangladeshi patient get visa invitation from Tata Memorial Hospital?

As a foreigner, you need to come to India on Medical Visa. We can help you get a medical visa invite from Tata Memorial Hospital. You need to send us your medical documents along with patient and attendant’s passport. Based on those medical reports, if Oncologists in Tata concludes that the patients can be treated in Tata Cancer Hospital then they will agree to issue medical visa invite. Using that medical visa you can apply for a medical visa in Indian consulates at Gulshan( Dhaka), Uposhahar (Rajshahi) or in Khulshi(Chittagong).

2) How can a Bangladeshi patient get an appointment to consult oncologist in Tata Memorial Hospital?

Once you have your medical visa, you can plan your travel to Mumbai. We will be happy to receive you at the airport. We will fix your appointment depending on your travel dates.

3) As a Bangladeshi, how much do we need to pay for registration at Tata Memorial Hospital?

Tata Memorial Hospital charges Rs. 50000 as onetime registration fees for a foreigner. But we will suggest you avail consultant services in Tata without registering. You can choose to avail the second opinion service. After the consultation, if you decide to get your complete treatment in Tata Hospital then you can pay the registration amount. Because at times, due to a long waiting period patient chooses to get treated in another hospital. Also note that in Tata memorial hospital, the international patient tariff is 25% more than Private patient rates which mean it is expensive compared to other budget private hospitals.

4) How much is the waiting period in Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital? and How does it stand in comparison to private hospitals?

It depends on the service you need to avail. Let’s discuss from start. If a patient has to get a PET Scan done then they need to wait for almost a week. After that 2-3 days for the report. Biopsy investigation will take 10 days for the reports. Blood investigation 2-3 days. On average a patient takes 12-14 days for initial investigation. Compared to a private hospital, we can arrange a PET scan in a day. If a biopsy needs to be done then reports take 7 days. Blood investigation reports take only 1 day.

5) Can a patient do their investigation outside in private hospital and go to Oncologist at Tata for opinion and treatment plan?

Yes, you can do that if you need to save days which can otherwise be spent waiting. If you do all your investigation as per what Oncologist prescribed in the first visit, then oncologist at Tata Memorial do accept reports from other certified and established hospital/labs. You will also end up saving on hotel accommodation which you would have spent for the waiting period.

6) How much is the waiting period for Cancer surgery in Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital?

Breast cancer has 2-3 weeks of the waiting period. Any other cancer surgery has a higher waiting period of 1-2 months. Head and Neck surgery usually have 2 months waiting whereas Brain tumor and stomach tumors have more than 1 month waiting.

7) How is the waiting period for radiation services at Tata Memorial Hospital?

The minimum waiting period is 30-45 days. Please note radiation treatment last 30-40 days which means your entire waiting and treatment period will end-up being 60-90 days.

8) If recommended, should a patient complete chemotherapy treatment in Tata Memorial Hospital itself or can a patient continue treatment in Bangladesh?

If doctors in Tata Memorial Hospital decides chemotherapy is the treatment for a patient then the patient can finish a cycle of chemo and continue remaining cycles in the home country. We shall arrange for chemo drugs which they can carry along. We can arrange the same at a cheaper price. The oncologist will provide Chemo protocol which can be followed back home. This will save a lot of money needed for a long stay. A 6 cycle chemo regime will need a minimum of 125 days of stay in India considering 21 days gap between each cycle. If the patient does 1 cycle and continue the remaining in Bangladesh then they can go back within 7 days of 1st cycle. This means savings on 4 months of hotel/lodge stay.

9) Can I choose to get treated in another hospital after consulting oncologist at Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital?

Yes, it’s your choice. In India, hospitals allow patients to make a decision. A patient can choose treating doctor, hospital and even decide to decline treatment. We need to decide the change of hospital to Indian FRRO office. We can take care of all legal formalities.

10) Is it expensive to get cancer treatment in private hospital compared to Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, especially for Bangladeshi Patients?

As we informed earlier, foreigners have to pay 25% more than a private category patient. Invariability becomes expensive. At times surgery or radiation in a budget hospital is cheaper for Bangladeshi patient compared to Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital.

11) Aren’t Oncologist at Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital better than other oncologists in Private hospitals?

Yes, Oncologists at Tata Memorial are the best. But Tata Memorial is also a teaching and training institute. Therefore most of the Oncologist in Mumbai are trained in Tata Memorial and most of them are ex-employees of Tata Memorial. Therefore you get the best Oncologist option just like Tata, outside as well.

As a Bangladeshi patient, if you have any other query related to medical services in any of India’s hospital then please feel free to contact us at care@treatmentpossible.com or visit www.treatmentpossible.com

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