Deep Brain Stimulation

What is Deep Brain Stimulation? Deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery is done to relieve neurological conditions such as movement disorders, muscle stiffness, essential tremor, etc. Before understanding the goal of deep brain stimulation, you will need to know how a brain functions. The brain functions like an electrical circuit board controlling different activities and functions, … Read more

Craniotomy Surgery

What is a Craniotomy? A craniotomy is a surgery done to remove a small portion of the skull to relieve pressure in that area when your brain swells. The doctor may perform a craniotomy to have access to the brain to treat multiple conditions. After whatever procedure is necessary, the skull is replaced. A neurosurgeon … Read more

Brain Tumor Treatment

An image showing the the growth of tumor inn the brain and the pain caused by it.

Verified By: Dr. Donald John Babu (MBBS, MS, FCPS, MCh – Surgical Oncology, MRCS (UK), FICS) |Updated On March 4, 2020 Brain Tumor Treatment: Brain tumors detected early can be cured completely through proper brain tumor treatment. Nevertheless, even if diagnosed in advanced stages of brain tumor, treatment can help in reducing the size of the … Read more

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